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Miss Evren
On the subject of my dog and my parents. 
25th-Jun-2013 07:43 pm
Blue Girl
I can rant a little here...

Back note, I own a german shepherd named storm, she's just over a year and a half old, and still a little skinny, But that's normal for her breed, she's not skin and bones, and she's healthy in all other ways.

She is on some very high protien, high quality dog food, and she's been perfect on it.

Then I went on holiday with my parents, It would seem they ignore me when I tell them she needs the exact amount of food...

Parents went into a Dogs trust shop, and saw some dogs the same as storm, but not as skinny.And suddenly they think she needs loads more food. Pretty much accuse me of not feeding the dog enough. So, they change her food from her ONLY DRY food I give her, to that plus some pilchards and gravy bits or dog meat, which will set her stomach off as she is SUPER sensitive.

Yesterday, she had thrown up a little in the morning, and a couple of times. And my mom and dad now think she has EPI (which can sometimes happen in her breed) She has no symptoms, at all, just the normal "OMG DIET CHANGE" stuff she goes through.
They've not spoken to me about her diet, wont listen that she has nothing wrong with her, other than she's a little smaller and leaner, and will be for another year odd. They refuse to just give her the food I provided, and keep fucking with her diet, causing more upset. Now she has a squiffy tummy because of that, but they'll say it's that fucking EPI thing.

Im really protective over my dog, as it's taken a few months to settle her stomach, and it'll now take a lot of love and care to sort her out.

They've not even asked me what I would do. Not a single thing.
All she needs right now is her original food, and maybe a little chicken to settle.

But no, nothing, she has some illness she has no symptoms for.

I just had dinner with my folks and Storm is a little under the weather still (from the heat, and not eating as much as she needs to, we're watching her stomach at the moment) and no, she's completely unwell, and needs to go to the vet...

I tried to explain to them, that it's *MY* dog, and I know her better than anyone, but no, they choose to listen to some people in a shop, who have the same breed of dog, but a little fatter., because clearly all dogs of one breed are exactly the same.

Storm needs to go home, she needs her own food, and she needs it not to be cold one day and boiling the next, she needs water that isnt treated as shitty as it is here.

My dad refuses to listen, just goes "okay then" and carries on being a complete ass about it. Just admit that I DO know more about whats going on with her, instead of people on the internet.
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